Now that you have purchased a Fresh Cut Christmas tree you should take a minute to read the following helpful hints that will ensure your tree will stay fresh for you throughout the holiday season.

  • If you can you should try to minimize the shock a tree can get from rapidly changing temperatures.  In other words if when you bought your tree it was very cold, you should not bring it into a very warm room in the house right away.  It would be ideal to let the tree stay in the garage overnight for example.

  • Whether you decide to "overnight" your tree in the garage or not, it is recommended that you stand your tree up and place the stump in water.  If you just brought your tree home from the farm, you can place the tree either in its tree stand or some temporary bucket or pan filled with water.  The first water that you give your tree should be warm to hot (not boiling!).  This will help breakdown the creosote that naturally forms on any fresh cut made to a tree.   Water your tree regularly after that with room temperature water.

  • If you wait more than a day to put your tree in water, you should take a saw and cutoff a 1/2-1 inch sliver off the bottom of the stump of the tree.  This will produce a "fresh" cut, exposing a non-creosoted bottom.  Now water will flow easily into the tree when you add it.

  • Check the water level daily!!  Your tree will drink plenty of water.  Also keep in mind that ideally you want to place your tree in a room that is not real warm or hot.  If you do, it will most certainly need more water.  Think of it this way.  Your  tree will get more "thirsty" in a hotter room.

Follow the above tips and your tree will stay fresh for you throughout the holidays.

Tree Care Guidelines